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Uganda Property Services offered by Ecoland Property Services

As a Uganda Real Estate dealing company, we help buyers of land in Uganda or sellers of Uganda Real Estate find the right properties or customers respectively. For rental purposes, we avail the right commercial buildings or residential houses for rent. In short our services include acting as Uganda Rel Estate agents or Uganda property brokers, Property Management or Land Surveying as detailed below:-


Ecoland Property Services offers services that consist of Selling, Buying, letting or Leasing of Properties in Uganda. To landlords, we get for you the rights buyers or tenants for your property and to Property Buyers or Tenants, we get for you the right property to buy or rent.

In short, we work as real estate brokers or real estate agents. Under here, we work as intermediaries between property landlords or sellers and real estate buyers on the basis of ‘Willing Buyer, Willing Seller on a genuine property’. Our comprehensive data base has property profiles and details. When you need any information about a particular property, we are able to provide it accordingly, but subject to your verification (buyer’s verification)

At Ecoland Property Services, we have the following types of properties in Uganda for you:-

(a) Land for sale in Uganda

(b) Houses (residential and commercial),

(c) Commercial buildings

(d) Apartments (furnished and unfurnished)

(e) Warehouses/stores

(f) Industrial land,

(g) Small plots,

(h) Waterfront land,

(i) Ready farms or ranches

(j) Islands in Uganda for sale
We assist in finding a buyer or a tenant for a property on affordable terms and prices. For buying or letting of property in Uganda, we do the following:-

(1) We help a prospective property buyer to find a genuine property with rightful owners and
documents and that it meets your specific requirements and development preferences.

(2) Before you we advertise a property or recommend it for buying or occupation as a rental, we always advise our clients to do a comprehensive research into the true of ownership of the
property and the validity of titles of the property in the relevant public offices. An independent verification of any property is very vital.

(3) We investigate the ownership through residents of adjoining properties, to discover its authenticity based of its history. Alongside the formal certification through the various land’s offices, we also interact with local authorities, cognizant neighbours and other related persons to ratify the genuineness of the property.

(4) Sometimes, we conduct methodological searches at the survey and maps offices to establish the development arrangement of the area, any upcoming planning proposals by the government and the area’s physical format for instance whether prone to tremors, landslides, waterlogged area, flooding, swamp lands and many more.


This is a science and an art of establishing or re-establishing boundaries, lines, corners, and monuments of real property (land), relying on documented details, historical evidence and current principles of practice. The concept of Land Surveying too involves related services like examination and application of survey data, subdivision planning and strategy, lettering legal descriptions, mapping, building or construction plan and accuracy or precision measurement of length, an angle, volume and area.

At Ecoland Property Services, we work with professional Uganda land surveyors who are entirely registered and approved by the Surveyors’ Registration Board of Uganda to competently and effectively convey specialized out land surveying in Uganda.

Our Surveyor partners execute the following professional services:-

1. Boundary Surveys:

These Boundary surveys are done to reestablish or establish land or property boundaries or to acquire data for making a map indicating boundary lines. Such surveys include those done on residential plots, commercial real estate and huge expanses of land in Uganda.

2. Condominium Surveys:

Such surveys are prepared to decide common areas and units in a three dimensional
plan, to frame descriptions and mapping or plotting for a condominium plan.

3. Construction Surveys:

These are Survey measurements on a building or a structure project to control positions, dimensions, and shape. Also included under here are measurements to establish quantities for payment of work and appropriateness of accomplishment.

4. Preliminary Survey:
These surveys are done to obtain data from which to decide the viability of, and/or to formulate plans for a development or construction venture.

5. Topographic Surveys:

These are surveys precisely done to determine the shape or configuration of the earth’s surface and the position of physical objects found on.

6. Court Exhibit Surveys:

These ones incorporate getting together and preparation of proof for courtroom evidence or proof concerning boundary disagreements. Road traffic accidents and criminality scene surveys are also encompassed under here.

7. Subdivision Surveys:

These one entail dividing undeveloped areas of land into lots, blocks, parks, streets and many more that are in line with governing establishments or laws.

8. Mortgage or Title Surveys:

Such surveys are done for loaning or insurance agencies or bodies to evaluate title problems, in case of any that relates to actual possession and occupation.


Property is one of the valuable assets to companies, organizations or individuals and must be cautiously and vigilantly managed to maximize returns and ensure safety. We are in position to provide very useful service for bigger, midrange and smaller properties using modern property management systems.

Under property management, we do the following:

(a) We find the suitable tenants for the property.

(b) We make regular inspection of the property to ensure proper maintenance.

(c) We Arrange constant repairs, cleaning and upgrades when need arises.

(d) We fairly assess the reasonable rent level for the property with reviews at the end of the paid up period or the year.

(e) We market globally the property for rent using various media channels and its the same thing we do when it comes to marketing our entrusted property for sale, rent or lease.

(f) Where necessary, we give appropriate notices to tenants in cases of delayed payment, nonpayment of rent, or any violations of the set usability standards rules. We also deal accordingly with late, partial or non-payments.

(g) Together with the landlord, we amicably formulate tenancy standards that favour his interests and those of the tenants.

(h) We collect and bank all rental monies to the landlord’s bank account.

(i) We prepare all the necessary documents related to tenancy, sale or lease.

(j) We take details of tenants’ profiles in order to know the real person who is occupying the property for a given time.

(k) We pay outgoings on the landlord’s behalf if he/she so wishes for instance mortgages repayments, insurance premium and other expenses like rates, levies, maintenance and others.

(l) We arrange security with private security providers or public security body for the managed property.

(m) We provide the property owner an accounting of all money received and disbursed monthly or quarterly, as well as keep clients’ trust and confidence.

(n) We advise the landlords on the best ways to increase the profitability of the property basing on the existing rental market conditions.

(o) We obediently comply with the relevant property laws in whatever we do.

(p) We get notices from tenants about when they are likely to vacate the property for good so that we can arrange an immediate replacement after departure to avoid long periods of property emptiness.

(q) We handle regular tenants’ complaints and concerns if any.

The landlord may select and allocate us specific areas for our professional management basing on his interests, nature of property, the environment and terms.