Investment Opportunities in Uganda

Investment Opportunities in Uganda for local and Foreign Investors

Investment Opportunities in Uganda are numerous and readily available for local and foreign investors willing to venture in business. To any Ugandan Investor, Ecoland Property Services is available to help you acquire genuine and affordable land/property for business. Whatever level and type of business investment you want to set up in Uganda, we have the working experience to make you position yourself well in any area.

Profitable Business Ventures or Investment Areas

If you intend to invest in Uganda, you need to understand that various sectors in Uganda with a high investment potential. After identifying an area where to put your money, you then require space so that you settle your business. In this case, you need land for sale or any standing property on land for your settlement. There is a necessity for land itself, residential facilities, office and storage space plus many other requirements. Keenly look through this list, choose those in your interest and go ahead to invest in Uganda:-

(a) Agro-processing
(b) Manufacturing
(c) Steel manufacturing
(d) Petroleum exploration
(e) Commercial Forestry
(f) Education
(g) Construction and related materials
(h) Mining
(i) Hotel and Hospitality industry
(j) Information Communication Technology (ICT)
(k) Foods and Beverages
(l) Vehicle importation
(m) Banking
(n) Transportation
(o) Textiles and apparels
(p) Farming (Crop farming and Livestock)
(q) Power generation i.e. Hydro, thermal and solar energy
(r) Media and Stationery
(s) Telecommunication (especially mobile services)
(t) Furniture
(u) Air Transport/Aviation industry
(v) Electronics
(w) Handicraft
(x) Engineering i.e. civil, mechanical, electrical etc.
(y) Pharmaceuticals
(z) All service-related areas  like Real estate

Priority Sectors for Investment in Uganda include:-

  • Oil and Gas
  • Building and Construction
  • Investment Projects
  • Transport (Aviation)
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Petroleum Oil distribution
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Agro processing including fruit processing

At Ecoland Property Services, we get for you properties like:

1. Industrial/Farmland or any form of Investment land
2. Residential houses or apartments
3. Warehouses for Rent storage purposes
4. All forms of business premises like stores or bigger offices etc.

After identifying an Investment opportunity in Uganda, contact Ecoland Property Services Uganda for an ideal property where to position your business.