Land Measurements in Uganda

Understanding Land Measurements in Uganda as used in the Real Estate Industry

Land Measurements in Uganda are very crucial for prospective Land buyer and owners to know. Property measurements are good in determining the kind of investment one can put on a particular size of land.  Learn more about land sizes by square miles, hectares, acres, decimals, meters, square meters, square feet and yards among others. A professional land surveyor is key in surveying and determining the size of land as may be stipulated on the title. The information below work as a guide to a clear understanding of various sizes of land.

A Conversion Guide for Land Sizes

1. 1 Square mile equals to 640 Acres
2. 259 hectares equal 640 acres
3. 1 Hectare equals to 2.47 Acres
4. 1 acre is equivalent to 100 Decimals
5. One is made up of 4046.86 Square Metres
6. 50 decimals equal to half an acre.
7. 25 decimals equal to quarter an acre (100 by 100 feet plot of land)
8. 200*200 feet equal to one acre
9. 12.5 decimals equal to 50 by 100 feet plot of land.
10. 1 meter equals to 100 centimeters
11. 1 foot equals to 11.9 inches
12. 1 square feet equals to 144 square inches
13. 1 square yard equals to 9.6 square feet.
14. 1 square meter equal 10.7 square feet
15. 1 Hectare is made up of 10000 Square Meters

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