Types of Land Tenure Systems

Types of Land Tenure Systems in Uganda – Land Ownership in Uganda

There are various Types of Land Tenure Systems in Uganda under under which citizens and foreigners can buy land, own and utilize it. Land can either be owned in perpetuity or for a given period of time. The Land Act (1998) identifies the four forms of land tenure systems in Uganda which include Customary, Leasehold, Freehold and Mailo, grants all legitimate and bonafide occupants property rights; establishes land tribunals and decentralizes land administration.

It is under such tenure systems under which land can be acquired, owned, utilized and disposed off. If you do  not belong to any of the systems of tenure, you do not own land in Uganda. However, you can only be defined as a tenant on a property, a squatter or bona-fide occupant as may the law determine based on circumstances of occupancy.

Uganda is relatively a vast country with lots of un-utilized and underutilized land. Uganda’s land to a bigger scope is fertile and very excellent for large scale industrialization, residential setups and farming.

The following are the Types of Land Tenure Systems in Uganda as enshrined in the 1995 Ugandan Constitution:-

  1. Mailo Land Tenure System
  2. Freehold Land Tenure System
  3. Leasehold Tenure System
  4. Customary Land Tenure System
  5. Public Land

Mailo Land Tenure System in Uganda

Mailoland tenure system is a type of land ownership where land is privately held in perpetuity with no limited period. Mailoland can only be owned by Ugandans, organizations or companies whose majority shares or stake are by Ugandans. A title deed is issued for mailoalnd ownership.

Freehold Land Tenure System in Uganda

Freehold land tenure system is the ownership of land freely with no time limit. Under this tenure, ownership is indefinite with no restrictions on use. Freehold tenure is commonly a former conversion from Leasehold and customary tenure systems.

Customary Land Tenure System in Uganda

Customary Land Tenure System is a tenure arrangement where land is owned communally under families or clans. Such land is disposed of under customary regulations. Family and clan heads guide are very instrumental in guiding the management of this tenure system. This tenure can be converted in freehold tenure system.

Leasehold Land Tenure System in Uganda

Leasehold tenure system is where a someone ones a property for a given period of time. Leasehold tenure system is an ownership of a temporary right to hold land in which a tenant holds rights to the land with a leasehold title from the landlord. The use and fees involved are all entailed in the lease agreement signed between the leaser and the lessee.