Land Surveying in Uganda

Land Surveying in Uganda

Land surveying in Uganda is a practice of making land measurements in a bid to ascertain proper boundaries and sizes. At Ecoland Property Services, we help our clients get quality Land Surveying work. We deliver quality land surveying works because have got professional registered land surveyors licensed and recognised by the Uganda Surveyors’ Registration Board (SRB). We don’t compromise on the quality or work we want to deliver for our clients. Our surveyors do a thorough quantity surveying to your satisfaction.

In case you are going to buy land for sale, houses or any kind of property in Uganda, ensure that you undertake survey services to verify the size of the property you are buying.

What is Land Surveying?

This is a science and an art of establishing or re-establishing boundaries, lines, corners, and monuments of real property (land), relying on documented details, historical evidence and current principles of practice. The concept of Land Surveying too involves related services like examination and application of survey data, subdivision planning and strategy, lettering legal descriptions, mapping, building or construction plan and accuracy or precision measurement of length, an angle, volume and area.

we work with knowledgeable land surveyors who are approved to competently and effectively convey specialized land surveying in Uganda. Our Land Survey Services include the following:-

1. Boundary Surveys:

These Boundary surveys are done to reestablish or establish land or property boundaries or to acquire data for making a map indicating boundary lines. Such surveys include those done on residential plots, commercial real estate and huge expanses of land in Uganda.

2. Condominium Surveys:

Such surveys are prepared to decide common areas and units in a three dimensional plan, to frame descriptions and mapping or plotting for a condominium plan.

3. Construction Surveys:

These are Survey measurements on a building or a structure project to control positions, dimensions, and shape. Also included under here are measurements to establish quantities for payment of work and appropriateness of accomplishment.

4. Preliminary Survey:

These surveys are done to obtain data from which to decide the viability of, and/or to formulate plans for a development or construction venture.

5. Topographic Surveys:

These are surveys precisely done to determine the shape or configuration of the earth’s surface and the position of physical objects found on.

6. Court Exhibit Surveys:

These ones incorporate getting together and preparation of proof for courtroom evidence or proof concerning boundary disagreements. Road traffic accidents and criminality scene surveys are also encompassed under here.

7. Subdivision Surveys:

These one entail dividing undeveloped areas of land into lots, blocks, parks, streets and many more that are in line with governing establishments or laws.

8. Mortgage or Title Surveys:

Such surveys are done for loaning or insurance agencies or bodies to evaluate title problems, in case of any that relates to actual possession and occupation.