Types of Land in Uganda

Types of Land in Uganda

When buying land, the following are the various types of land in Uganda available for investment use. People buy such land for their various purposes and goals. These include:

Industrial Land

This is the type of land that is suitable or ideal for any industrial or factory development. It is found mainly in Kampala industrial area and along the major outlets from Kampala city. Industrial land in in Uganda is available in various sizes, tenure/ownerships systems and with different prices and amenities. Areas of industrial importance in Uganda include Kampala industrial area, Namanve Industrial Park, Mukono Industrial Area, all land along Kampala-Jinja Highway, Masaka Road, Bombo Road, Gayaza Road, Mityana Road and Hoima Road among others

Farmland or Agricultural Land 

This is the land type that is appropriate for agricultural production for both crops and livestock on a small, medium or large scale. Farmland can also refer to that land which is exclusively used for agricultural, horticultural, pastoral or for the keeping of bees, poultry or livestock purposes. Farmland in Uganda is mainly found in the radius of 40 or 50 kilometers and beyond from Kampala city centre. In Uganda, good farmland in mainly found the central districts that make up Buganda kingdom. Farmland in the central region of Uganda is ideal for the cultivation of several crop types including coffee, coca, maize and all cereal crops, sugar cane plus many more. Other regions of Uganda good for farming include the northern region, West Niles and undoubtedly western Uganda which is the biggest producer of Milk, meat and banana in Uganda

Residential Land 

This type of land is for residential development either for individual/family use or for commercial letting. With this type of land, housing dominates, as opposed to industrial and commercial areas. Such residential developments include ordinary houses, bungalows, apartments (furnished and unfurnished) plus hotels and lodges. Areas where residential land is commonly sought for include all Kampala areas (suburbs), all the land in Wakiso district which surrounds Kampala city, Mukono area, Mpigi and Mityana areas, specifically along the highways.

Land for Ranches in Uganda

This type of land is good for making ranches. Such land usually measures a square mile and above for bigger livestock and crop farming. Investors in Uganda using such land have heads of cattle, goats, sheep and poultry in thousands.

Water Front / Lakefront land

This is the land that has direct attachment to lake or river. Lakefront land normally is very superlative for developments such as residential homes, beaches and resort hotels. This land is mainly found along Lake Victoria in central Uganda, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mutanda, Lake George and Lake Edward in western Uganda Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park respectively. Lodge and resorts have been developed in these areas to boost the tourist attractions.

Lakeview / Water view Land 

This land type is almost as good as Lakefront land. Lake-view land has no direct access to the lake but has a clear view of the lake. Both Lakefront and Lake-view land are very good for any form of developments like homes plus resort hotels as they both offer a brilliant
water breeze.

Islands in Uganda

Islands are dry land portions found in the middle of the lakes or any other water bodies. For any investor in Uganda, islands are mainly for hotel, recreational and farming purposes. Lake Victoria in Uganda has the biggest number of islands that are used for the above purposes. Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Mutanda in western Uganda also have islands that good for lodge investments.