Petrol Stations for Sale in Uganda

Petrol Stations for Sale in Uganda

In case you are looking for petrol stations for sale in Uganda, Ecoland Property Services is to help you find them. We have a variety of options for fuel stations in Kampala, surrounding areas and distance places.

We our clients include those who want to petrol station dealership in uganda. We help those interested in starting a fuel station business in the country.

We also find suitable plots for petroleum investors. Once you get to know how much does it cost to build a petrol station in uganda, we help you identify an ideal site.

Oil Marketing and Distribution Companies in Uganda

  1. Total M&S Uganda
  2. Vivo Energy Uganda
  3. Ola Energy Uganda[6]
  4. Hass Petroleum Uganda Limited
  5. Maestro Oil and Gas Solutions (MOGAS)
  6. Hared Petroleum Company Limited
  7. KenolKobil Uganda Limited
  8. Gaz Petrol Station
  9. Hared