Investing in Real Estate in Uganda

Reasons why you should do Investing in Real Estate in Uganda

The potential of Uganda Real Estate industry has been acknowledged as an excellent  sector within the East African region because of massive growth prospects. In Uganda, Land of any tenure system offers a secure investment option. As it exists as a physical product, unlike some stocks and shares, a chunk or a plot of land can never be completely useless. Land offers an investment option with a low rate of costs, along with greater options over real estate and off-plan investing, providing a safe and sound investment, regardless of any changes to your financial state.

Land in Uganda is creating a center of attention to a great deal of international interest as a location for industrial, commercial and residential investment purposes. Uganda has sought after industrial land, modem and moderate infrastructure, good transport links and governmental integration for improving investment in the country. Take a look at the reasons why you need to put your money in Land in Uganda:

  Real Estate in Uganda offers a secure investment option
•  Land value appreciates, so buy today and sell tomorrow when value has gone up.

Open and expansive range of investment options i.e. industrial, agricultural or residential development

• Greater selection of exit strategies

• When you own land, there are options for it to be banked, developed, leased, rented or sold to get money for other investments.

• Minimal, if any, on-going costs

• Little or no maintenance requirements

• Land is a physical asset that cannot be destroyed

• Ability to be purchased without years of mortgage responsibilities

NOTE: Land is only a bad investment if you buy a fake one.