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Company Profile for Ecoland Property Services

Ecoland Property Services

Ecoland Property Services is a Uganda Real Estate company specializing mainly in Investment properties. Ecoland Property Services opened its doors as a Uganda Real Estate brokerage and Property Management company principally to represent investors’ interests in commercial real estate. Our clients recognized the need for reliable property management and they were pleased to find a company that would treat their property and their tenants like their own.

Built on a basis of trust, integrity and dedication, Ecoland Property Services is a full service real estate company with dozens of estate agents all over Uganda. We cater for the needs of local and foreign investors in Real Estate in Uganda.

At Ecoland Property Services, we are committed to working in unison with our clients’ vision and needs to formulate strategies, deliver unparalleled service, and always provide reliable, comprehensive information and analysis to help them take the best decisions while investing in Uganda. Ecoland is among Uganda’s urban, peri-urban and rural listing real estate service provider. Our scope of operation encompass property types or categories that include the following:-

  • Industrial land,
  • Residential land,
  • Farmland, ranches,
  • Land on Lake Victoria Island property,
  • Waterfront properties
  • Waterfront homes,
  • Land for Country homes,
  • Residential homes in Kampala and the surrounding areas

With us, you are only a few days/weeks away from locating the right dream property in Uganda. You only need to understanding proper guidelines for buying a property in Uganda so that your real estate dream come to be realised. When investing in the real estate sector, try to understand the various land tenure systems in Uganda and know the strengths and challenges of each tenure. Uganda land tenure systems include leasehold, freehold, mailoland and customary tenure. In our real estate services, that we offer mainly in Kampala City and the surrounding areas, we ensure that you get the best property when buying real estate of your dream.

Our Vision

To be the topmost Real Estate brokerage and Property Management company in Uganda.

Our Mission

To deliver unmatched real estate services in Uganda to local and international customers in form of individuals, organizations or corporate bodies. We shall achieve this by building long-lasting relationships with our consumers and offer services by tracking business deals through upgrading and technological innovations.

Our Goals

We look at spreading out in the East African region in the field of Real Estate service provision and uphold a solid base of vibrant and strategic customers.
Cultivate dutifully satisfied customers all the time.
Form a travel market that assures short-range and long-standing productivity, growth and accomplishment.
We are completely devoted to being supportive to growth in Uganda’s real estate sector and the overall economy of the country.
Pay back positively to our societies and the environment at large.
Increase our assets’ profile, savings and investments of the company to support, fund and sustain the development of services.

Our Services

At Ecoland Property Services, we offer the following services:

Real Estate Brokerage

At Ecoland Property Services, we act as real estate brokers or real estate agents. We work as intermediaries between property landlords or sellers and real estate buyers on the basis of ‘willing buyer, willing seller’.

Land Surveying: we offer professional Land surveying services. We handle land in form of plots, a few acres and square miles at best.