About Uganda

All About Uganda: Uganda, ‘The Pearl of Africa’ lies on the northern shores of Lake Victoria. It boarders Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan and Burundi.

About Uganda: Uganda, ‘The Pearl of Africa’ as known worldwide lies on the northern shores of Lake Victoria. Uganda is one of the five countries that makes up East Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi).

Uganda, a land-locked country boarders Sudan in the north, Kenya in the East, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West, Rwanda in South West, Tanzania in the South and sharing almost three quarters of Lake Victoria in the South Eastern part.

The Equator which divides the globe into the Northern and Southern Hemisphere runs through Uganda. The Northern part of the country is semi-arid except where the Albert Nile runs through whereas the rest of the country is reasonably fertile.

Fine parks and wildlife, an attractive countryside with tremendous mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and a rich cultural background among the people grace Uganda, making it a home away from home for any visitor.

Uganda got its independence in 1962 from Britain as its colonial master. From late 1960s, the country experienced some years of turmoil up to 1986 when the current government came to power after a five-year fighting against the governments Milton Obote and the military junta of Tito Okello Lutwa. The government headed by President Yoweri Museveni has made some changes in the political, economic and social areas of Uganda.

Under the current regime, Asians who had lost their properties and liberty to stay in Uganda on the orders of Late former President Idi Amin (1971-1979) were able to repossess them amicably. And many Asians especially of Indian, Pakistan and British origins have heavily invested in Uganda a signal that Uganda is a regional investment hub and welcomes economically productive people. Investors from all continents in the world have put their money in Uganda’s various economic sectors.

Many investors from Asia especially (India, China, Japan and Pakistan), France, Germany, Britain, US, Canada, South America, and many other areas have made significant investments in the Uganda over the last two decades or more. There are also a number of investors from other countries who are peacefully operating in Uganda at macro and micro business levels.