Price of Land in Uganda

Price of Land in Uganda: Costs of Land for Sale in Uganda

The prices of Land for sale in Uganda vary depending on the location, size, tenure system and topography. If anyone is asking about the price of land for sale in Uganda, such a general question would need a specific answer guided by many factors that bring cost variations.

Determinants of of the Cost of Land in Uganda

The factors that bring about price differences are many and include the following:


Location is the most important factor in determining a the price of a property. When considering location, one looks at neighborhood, distance from Kampala city or the nearest town.

Price of an acre of land in Uganda

The prices vary from place to place ranging from 1m Uganda Shillings an acre. Irrespective of what you are looking to grow we have the right place for you. 1927 ACRES of Land for Sale in LUWERO touching River Ngogoro with no squatter. 1 SQUARE miles Bugerere Private mailo Land Price: 4m per Acre.